Fuga Pave System ABC




Fuga Pave System

Each complete pallet contains enough product to cover an area of up to 24m2

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12 x 12.5kg bags of Part A hybrid cement 1 x 20kg bag of Part B slurry primer 1 x 20kg bag of Part C porcelain grout

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Complete Installation System

FUGA-PAVE ABC is a complete system formulated for landscaping professionals and is ideal for use when installing porcelain, natural stone, cementitious flags, cobbles, or in fact any external installation. The products are also suitable for hardscapes, including heavily trafficked areas. FUGA-PAVE ABC is very simple to use. Just mix Part A (hybrid mortar cement) with suitable clean grit sand and water. Part B (slurry primer) and Part C (hybrid grout) are each mixed with clean water. No other additives are required. This complete system offers various cost and installation benefits, beating the traditional system.

Our FUGA-PAVE hybrid mortar mix has been specially formulated to be mixed with clean grit sand to provide a solution for laying all types of paving slabs to both hardcore and solid bases. A  combination of fibres and specially formulated additives give superior bond strength over traditional cement: sand mortar mixes (60% stronger), as well as improving the overall performance,  workability and freeze/thaw resistance of the fully mixed mortar.

  • Easy to mix – simply mix with grit sand and water, three 14L buckets of sand to one part hybrid cement. The hybrid cement has everything in it to achieve a solid mortar bed and bond.
  • Good coverage – each 12.5kg bag ought to cover 2m2 at the minimum 25mm depth.
  • Economic – almost 20% cheaper than traditional sand+cement+additives however FUGA-PAVE’s excellent qualities deliver greater performance.
  • Easy to apply – it trowels very well with a smooth, creamy feel, easing the installation of the flags.
  • No sagging or slumping – holds the flags well.
  • Does not ooze – preventing issues of the mortar migrating onto the surface of the flag, making grout applications so much easier.
  • Permeable – particularly important for installations of stone and cementitious products, allowing quicker curing and less chance of moisture migration.

Our FUGA-PAVE primer is a superior cement-based primer formulated to work with Part A. It contains fibre  reinforcement and specially designed polymer additives
to promote bond strength and enable the fixing of porcelain and other low absorption types of paving to both hardcore and solid bases.

  • Suitable for internal and external domestic areas and heavily trafficked installations.
  • Creates a very strong monolithic bond between the flags and the mortar base.
  • Suitable for use in temperatures between 3°C and 25°C.
  • Easy to use – simply mix with water.
  • Easy to apply – brush, pour or trowel on, applying wet on wet.
  • Covers a large area – a 20kg bag can cover up to 28m2.

The addition of our Flex CH Grout makes up the complete FUGA-PAVE ABC external fixing system.

  • Convenient 20kg bags.
  • Grout joints from 2mm to 20mm wide.
  • External and internal use.
  • Revolutionary hybrid cement formula.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to apply and wash off the surface of the flag.
  • Zero efflorescence.
  • Long-lasting, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Naturally, anti-bacterial allowing easy cleaning.
  • UV colourfast.
  • Cement hybrid formula which gives product longevity and durability.
  • Range of five popular colours; Light Grey, Medium Grey, Anthracite, Limestone and Jasmin.

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