PCI Nanolight Adhesive for Floors and Walls



CI Nanolight adhesive for floors and walls and for indoor and outdoor use.

Areas of application

  • Indoor and outdoor use for walls and floors.
  • All substrates including cement screeds, sanded anhydrite or gypsum screeds, concrete, precast concrete parts, aerated concrete, heated screeds, plasterboard, gypsum fiber boards, dry screeds, magnesite screeds, mastic asphalt (only indoors), insulation boards, gypsum boards, gypsum plaster, cement, and lime cement ceramic coverings, metal substrates (only indoors), firmly adhering PVC coverings.
  • Ceramic coverings in the thin or medium bed process: stoneware tiles, stoneware tiles, fine stoneware tiles, porcelain mosaic, glass mosaic, glass tiles, brick tiles.
  • Laying tiles on the hard foam support elements PCI PowerBoard, on the footstep silencers and decoupling panels PCI Polysilent as well as the sealing and decoupling membranes PCI Pecilastic.
  • Laying tiles on the composite waterproofing PCI Lastogum (e.g. private bathroom), PCI Seccoral (e.g. swimming pools and terraces) or PCI Apoflex (e.g. large kitchens).
  • Repairing and leveling uneven wall and floor surfaces (e.g. masonry, cement plaster, screed) before laying tiles.

Product features

  • A unique light filler combination and nanotechnology.
  • High productivity through the use of special additives and a unique combination of fillers.
  • Plastic and pliable mortar that can be easily applied with a spatula or trowel.
  • Cures with little tension, the mortar layer can be applied up to a layer thickness of 10 mm using the thin or medium bed method.
  • Extremely stable, making it quick and easy to work.
  • Deformable, compensates for stresses caused by temperature fluctuations in the subsurface.
  • Low-dust, less dust generated from opening, pouring out and mixing.
  • Very low emissions – GEV EMICODE EC1 PLUS.
  • Low in chromate.
  • Corresponds to the guidelines for flexible mortar from Deutsche Bauchemie e. V; C2 TE S1 according to DIN EN 12004; the test principles for issuing a general building authority test certificate for bonded seals in connection with PCI bonded seals such as B. PCI Lastogum, PCI Seccoral 1K, PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid, PCI Apoflex F/W and PCI Pecilastic W.
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